The Staff Leadership Growth Plan from Michigan Youth Alive is a fun and engaging professional development training for your teachers and staff. You receive two customizable virtual group trainings, DISC communication assessments for staff with a DISC workshop, family centered community events, and more.  This plan is designed to bring the people who have the greatest impact in a student’s life to a place where they can communicate well and work together to see students excel beyond graduation.

When teams feel heard and like they are part of the overall solution they perform at levels of excellence that create a culture of growth and success.

Choose the District School Growth Plan if you want these empowering outcomes for your team:

  • Your leadership team communicates at high levels in order to achieve your shared goals
  • Teachers have self-awareness that helps them communicate with the team and with students and families.
  • Teachers are encouraged and empowered to be healthy and grow
  • Families create stable, peaceful at-home environments where students can thrive
  • You are working effectively together to achieve your dreams for your district

Finally, the support your teams need and deserve

Your Growth Plan includes:

  1. Six hours of Professional Development – Leadership Game option available
  2. Two 6 week virtual masterminds for teachers and admin. (Your choice of books provided) (12-15 teachers per group and more groups may be purchased)
  3. DISC assessments for up to 50 teachers and admin. More available at $35 per person
  4. DISC Communication Workshop and materials
  5. Parent and Family workshops for your community. (Certified trainer by America’s Super Nanny Dr. Deborah Tillman and John Maxwell Leadership)

Who We Are

We are a team of speakers and professionals who believe that we can make an impact on the world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus Character – that is the goal of true education.” When we teach students to think and to partner their knowledge with strong moral fibre the world will change.

Jason Forsman

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Lon Harris
Assistant Team Lead

For contributions go to Giving ID #204293

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not pleased with the results of your first scheduled event, you may cancel the remainder of the plan at no extra cost and any funds over and above the cost of the portion already completed will be refunded.

Price: $16,249.00

Payment Terms: ½ payment due on day of first in person event, full payment due before the 2nd scheduled day of Assemblies.

Designed for:

Every student in every school in Michigan

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