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Every person is the hero to their own story. In every good story the hero finds a guide that helps them level up and achieve their dreams and goals. Michigan Youth Alive wants to be one of those guides to the heroes that are walking your hallways. Students need people to believe in them and challenge them to dream big and give them the resources they need to reach those dreams.

Our School Assemblies give students tools they need to continue on their hero journey and challenge them to add value to other people as they go. We are honored to have partnered with amazing faculty and staff in over 500 schools in Michigan and we hope to partner with you soon.


A full day of assemblies ranges from $2,800 – $5,200 for the entire day.  We can do 3-5 assemblies per day, depending upon how many times we need to change locations.  The price difference depends upon which speakers you want and if you add after school sessions for teachers.  You will get our best with whatever you choose, and we look forward to putting together the right team for your students and school needs.  Please contact us to see what will work best for you.


Superhero Academy

Superhero stories all start with the hero realizing that they are gifted and unique and have the ability to change their life. This fun school assembly is for grades K-8 and combines music, magic, stories and more to help students learn the importance their choices make on their epic quest of life.

Students will go through a 45 minute crash course to graduate from Superhero Academy.

They will face “rigorous training” to withstand the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of being a superhero. Students will learn how to overcome different lessons superheroes learn like secret identities, facing their kryptonite, needing a sidekick, everyone has an origin story, and much more.

This assembly will be interactive and engaging and every student will leave the Academy with their special badge letting other everyone know they graduated from Superhero Academy!   

Hope Initiative

A high impact, interactive, fully customizable assembly that will engage students with speakers, media, music, and activities designed to inspire and challenge students to be better.

Schools can choose 3 topics from our list or ask for one that isn’t on the list. We will cover those topics in the assembly and provide resources for you to keep the lessons in front of students throughout the year.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

adventure, character, choices, compassion, dreams, forgiveness, hope, human trafficking, integrity, kindness, labels, mental health, moral clarity, peer pressure, racism, resilience, responsibility, scholarship, self-esteem, substance abuse, suicide, and others 

MyLife Tour

The MyLife Tour presents students with a relevant message and a call to rise to the challenge in front of them. The challenge: To take responsibility for their life, their community, and their world and go do something great.

Each MyLife Tour concludes with students responding to a call to action by signing their name and the thing in this world they would like to change. The banner with the signatures is left behind for you to hang in a hallway or room so students can be reminded of the commitment they made to themselves and to the world around them. 

Teacher Assemblies

These 45 – 50 minute assemblies are designed to encourage teachers and administrators and have been used to help meet SCECH requirements for teachers. They are full of stories, music, videos, and engaging activities that are designed to help us see humor and truth rather than the chaos in a moment or season.  

There are enough people in the world that will aim to keep us down, we shouldn’t be one of those people in our own lives. Your staff will be given tools to have the type of conversations with themselves and others that will help create a culture of health 
Topics (Choose 1): 
– Mental Wellness: Self Talk
– When plans go wrong!
– True Success
If you have another topic you’d like us to cover, please reach out and, if we can, our team will make it happen for you.  

Designed for:

Every student in every school in Michigan

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