School Assemblies

Every person is the hero to their own story. In every good story the hero finds a guide that helps them level up and achieve their dreams and goals. Michigan Youth Alive wants to be one of those guides to the heroes that are walking your hallways. Students need people to believe in them and challenge them to dream big and give them the resources they need to reach those dreams.

Our School Assemblies give students tools they need to continue on their hero journey and challenge them to add value to other people as they go. We are honored to have partnered with amazing faculty and staff in over 500 schools in Michigan and we hope to partner with you soon.

Superhero Academy

This fun school assembly is for grades K-8 and combines music, magic, stories and more to help students learn the importance their choices make on their epic quest of life.  Sample Description

A Hero's Journey

This 50 minute assembly is intended for grades 8-12 and walks through the quest of life that we are all on.  We can customize the assembly with a number of topics to meet the needs of your school and to help students make the choices that help them to be a superhero in their own life as well as in others' lives. 

My Life Tour

Students are challenged to take responsibility.  We use the phrases, My Life, My Responsibility;  My Community, My Responsibility; My World, My Responsibility.

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