Engaging Conversations

This is a resource for Faith Based Groups. If you are looking for a School Resource please visit: studenthealthyconversations.com.

A Social Emotional Learning Resource to Help Students with Grief and Loss

Engaging Conversations is a learning resource designed to help youth leaders shepherd your students or youth group through times of loss. The resource combines Social Emotional content, engaging activities, and educator experience to bring important topics to life for your students, leadership team, and parents.

Engaging Conversations is for churches and youth groups and designed for students in grades 6-12.

How does Engaging Conversations work?

Churches or individuals can purchase a 1-year subscription to Engaging Conversations which includes:

  • Login access for one program facilitator
  • Unlimited use of the Resource’s 10 segments
  • Video messages and online lessons for students
  • Facilitator guides & social media templates to spark conversation
  • Take-home materials with action steps for students.

Lessons created by mental health professionals & experts

Engaging Conversations is a multimedia resource for student groups made up of 10 lessons to help deal with loss in a healthy, Biblical way. Each lesson contains an engaging video that students can watch as a group, and a facilitator guide for leaders. Lessons include:

  1. You Are Not Alone
  2. Dealing With Denial
  3. Controlling Anger
  4. Beyond Bargaining
  5. Depression Related to Loss
  6. Acceptance and Adjustment
  7. Assigning Meaning
  8. Gratitude
  9. Setting Healthy Boundaries
  10. Be a Good Friend and Support

Engaging Conversations is designed for use in a youth group or small group setting. Each license provides access to the program for one year.

Purchase Engaging Conversations

Engaging Conversations about Loss is only $149/year per facilitator license.

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Resources to Help Students with Loss

Designed for Youth Leaders & Students from ENGAGING CONVERSATIONS

As God’s people, called to lead the generation, there may be times when we must walk with our students through a period of suffering. It can be difficult to know how to respond.

Here are ways to offer support

Reach out. Your student needs to know s/he is not alone.

Offer a safe space to express difficult feelings.

Pray for your student and ask for wisdom to respond.

The earlier we can address mental health, the better. Let’s build strong children so that we don’t have to fix broken adults. This resource puts the right tools in the hands of the right people to start developing healthy foundations the right way.

John Zick

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