Miya Offer Bundle

Your Growth Plan includes:

  • Two 7 week (1 day per week), in person resilience/leadership “masterminds” with students (50-100 students per hour up to 500 students or 5 hours per day of training)
  • 2 full days of high impact, engaging School Assemblies (3-4 assemblies K-12 per day) with multiple programs to choose from
  • 12 month District wide access to Healthy Conversations About Loss – Mental Health resource for 6-12 grade students.
  • On the days of Assemblies the team will be available for after school professional development that is designed to be impactful and fun. SCECH hours are available with District Approval



Your Growth Plan includes:

  • Six hours of Professional Development – Leadership Game option available
  • Two 6 week virtual masterminds for teachers and admin. (Your choice of books provided) (12-15 teachers per group and more groups may be purchased)
  • DISC assessments for up to 50 teachers and admin. More available at $35 per person
  • DISC Communication Workshop and materials
  • Parent and Family workshops for your community. (Certified trainer by America’s Super Nanny Dr. Deborah Tillman and John Maxwell Leadership)

Your Growth Plan includes:

  • Two-hour coaches workshop on communicating for the win
  • Two-hour athlete workshop with a professional athlete or Super Bowl communicator
  • 50 DISC assessments (more available for $35/assessment) with 1.5 hour workshop on how to communicate using your DISC style
  • Parent workshop that gives parents tools they need to support their student in life and on the field. The parent, student, coach relationship will be discussed and strengthened.

Athlete & Coach Leadership

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not pleased with the results of your first scheduled event, you may cancel the remainder of the plan at no extra cost and any funds over and above the cost of the portion already completed will be refunded.

Price: $44,900.00

Payment Terms: ½ payment due on day of first in person event, full payment due before the 2nd scheduled day of Workshops..

Designed for:

Every student in every school in Michigan

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