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The premier school assembly, character education, mental health, and leadership resource in Michigan.

Here, I don’t need these anymore!

A young girl who handed us her razor blades after one oF our school assemblies.

Every student can live a better life. When they do, our world gets better.  For this reason, we customize our tools to fit your specific needs. We created our mental health resources, high impact programs, and workshops to inspire and bring change. Our school assemblies are full of fun, engaging media, and passionate speakers.

Students catch hope when they see the bigger picture, laugh, sometimes cry, and realize they are not alone. You will not regret having a conversation with us. We want to hear what your needs are and help you create the best program for your school. Let’s hop on a call today.

School Assembly Full Bleachers

Thank you. I never knew anyone else was like me.

a 6’7″ student athlete who was crying and hugging us because, he was insecure about his twitches

Why we do what we do

In today’s culture we must take time to invest in the character of this generation. Most importantly, when we do, we are investing in the future. In our programs students learn how choices impact pathways, and attitude impacts altitude. They will succeed when they choose to have character and integrity, and our world needs students who understand that. Firstly, we challenge students to see the world beyond their immediate circumstance. Secondly, we give them ways to become a superhero in their own life and the lives of people around them.

Our team understands the difficulties facing students today. We all have our own superhero story of someone who was there for us. As a result, we have dedicated our lives and talents to being there for students and teachers.

What you get from our team.

Educators play a critical role in students’ lives, so we work hard to bring professional, engaging tools. Therefore, we will support and encourage you as superheroes in the lives of students. Thank you for dedicating your life to see students thrive.

Students and teachers walk away from our school assemblies with tools they need to make a difference in the world. As a result, conversations happen throughout the building that bring life changes to students.